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Category: Translations
Posted on: 10/20/14
Posted by: GC Midnight

This week in New Translations, we have a Love Live! doujin from Nanatsu no Kagiana, a Dokidoki! Precure doujin from Chronicle featuring Rikka, and two KanColle doujins: the first from abgrund featuring Amatsukaze, and the second a full-color one from Shouchuu MAC. We also have a Boku wa Tomodachi doujin from AYUEST, an original doujin from Alde Hyde, an Idolmaster doujin from Tomekichi featuring Mayu, and a To LOVE-Ru doujin from Hyogetsu featuring Riko.

And for our members, we have a full-color Sword Art doujin from ESSENTIA, an Idolmaster doujin from Cyclo- featuring Hoshii Miki, a Love Live! doujin from AKKAN-Bi PROJECT, and a doujin from JACK-POT featuring schoolgirl prostitutes. We also have a KanColle doujin from CHIBIKKO KINGDOM, a To LOVE-Ru doujin from Tsunken, a Shokugeki no Soma doujin from SugarBerrySyrup, and the first 4 chapters of Kon-Kit's H-manga, Netorare New Heroine.
(Preview here)
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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 10/19/14
Posted by: Harem Mask

8 New H-Game CGsets:
-Big-Breasts Fantasy Gaiden 2 (Various, large-breasts, lactation, harem)
-Summer Love in the Last Paradise (Various girls in an island paradise, vanilla)
-Musuko no Tomodachi ni Otosarete (MILF, netorare, lactation, impregnation)
-Porno Sakka Mayuka to, Injuku Miboujin to Katabutsu Henshuusha to Ubu Gishi (MILF, harem)
-Erodol (schoolgirls, harem, tit-fucks)
-Ossan Kyoushi No Joshikousei Zuma ga Yarichin Danshi ni Netorareru Hanashi (schoolgirl, netorare, impregnation)
-Creampied Schoolgirl at a Price - I'll Buy No Matter the Cost! (schoolgirl, prostitution, fucked-silly)
-Armored Princess Prism Shine (hardcore, bondage, r*pe, mind-break, weird)

14 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Female Teacher - Jogeza Exhibitionism Training (Original - bbw teacher, bondage, exhibitionism)
-Female Teacher 2 - Anal Slave (Original - bbw teacher, cosplay, bondage, exhibitionism)
-Monokemono Hachiya (Original - loli snow-girl, gangbang, bukkake)
-Bondage Suit Junketsu (Kill la Kill - Satsuki, bondage)
-Sirius in Love (Idolmaster - Producer x Takane, stockings) [ReDrop]
-I Want to Match Mikan (To Love Ru - Mikan and Yami x Rito, threesome)
-Maid To LOVE-ru (To Love Ru - Various, harem, maid-cosplay)
-All-night Combat! (Kantai Collection - Atago and Takao x Admiral, threesome)
-Tsuru no Maioru (Kantai Collection - Admiral x Shoukaku, stockings, vanilla)
-Saint Foire Festival/eve Nest (Original - petite female cousin, cheating, long)
-The Honorable Daughter and I (Touhou - Tenshi, petite, femdom)
-Aya-san no Kimagure (Touhou - Aya, vanilla)
-Torawareta 18-Gou (Dragon Ball - Android 18, bondage, r*pe, mind-break)
-She Is Sensitive 2 SIS2 (Infinite Stratos - Ichika x Cecilia, pantyhose)

2 New English-Translated CGsets:
-Playtime with a Muscular Lady (Color) (dark-skinned tomboy, muscles, straight-shota)
-The Great Gang R*pe of DP (Color) (Dirty Pair - Kei and Yuri, r*pe, violence)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 10/15/14
Posted by: Harem Mask

7 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-The Best Memory (trickster schoolgirl)
-Kore Kara Kanojo wa Suki Darake (busty cousin)
-My Little Sister and her First Black Magic Ritual (loli sister turned dragon-girl)
-Service x Maid (female childhood-friend, maid cosplay)
-Dekoboko Rhapsody (petite schoolgirl, humorous)
-Mahou Shounen Nukinuki Nuumii (crossdressing, trap-yaoi, nurse cosplay)
-Domi Ane! (femdom older-sister, cosplay, hardcore, pegging)

6 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Yukinya Ch. 5 (petite, catgirl-cosplay, stockings)
-Payback Ch. 1-2 (swinging couples and buxom cheerleader, cheating, netorare)
-The Otaku in 10,000 B.C. Ch. 8 (absurdly busty scientist and dark-skinned cave-girl)
-Stamen and Pistil and Fertilization Ch. 2 (bbw schoolgirl, blackmail, netorare)
-Madam Palace Ch. 4 (dog-girl cosplay, exhibitionism)
-Yokubou no Shuuraku Ch. 1 (buxom female teacher, bondage, r*pe)

4 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Ikinari! Harem Life (improved version) [Tachibana Omina]
-Accelerando (various stories featuring waitresses and schoolgirls) [Seto Yuuki]
-Karen Chameleon Vol. 1 (various stories featuring a cosplaying master-of-disguise)
-Anego!! Vol. 1 (busty childhood-friend)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 10/13/14
Posted by: GC Midnight

In this week's New Translations, we have a doujin from Diogenes Club featuring various different series including Tiger & Bunny and Occult Academy, C2Lemon@E from Blue Bean, a Hitsugi no Chaika doujin from AXZ, and a Senkou no Kikou Bijin doujin also from AXZ. We also have a Kill la Kill doujin from Magatama, two Kantai doujins, one from Pollinosis featuring Ooyodo, and the other from Circle ARE featuring a few of the girls on a train, and the last 4 chapters of LOVE&PEACH from Red-Rum.

And for our members' section, we have an original doujin from Abgrund, a Danganronpa doujin from Hougakuya featuring Fukawa and Asahina, a Love Live! doujin from AMP, and a One Week Friends doujin from SuperFlatLolinitron. We also have a To Love Ru doujin from sin-maniax, the sequel to last week's Love Plus doujin from Kansai Orange, an OreImo doujin from HBO featuring Ayase, as well as the final 4 chapters of Shoujo Mysterica from Maruwa Tarou.
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 10/11/14
Posted by: Harem Mask

24 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Idol 100% Naka Live! (Color) (Love Live - Eri, Kotori, and Maki) [Number2]
-Mackey Gokubuto (Love Live - Maki, schoolgirl, gangbang)
-Fukuyama-san Soushuuhen Ichi (Original - buxom schoolgirl x boyfriend) [Fuetakishi]
-Rin Mama Bon (Gundam Build Fighters - Rinko, MILF, prostitution, femdom, straight-shota) [YA-ZY]
-Suzuya's First Time (Kantai Collection - Suzuya, stockings)
-Nepunepu Netoneto (Hyperdimension Neptunia - Various, gang-r*pe, mind-break)
-I Want to Touch Sena's Lumps of Meat (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Kadoka x Sena, bikini)
-Nene-chan to Hanbei-chan (Oda Nobuna no Yabou - loli threesome)
-LUSTBREEDERS (Yotsubato! - Fuuka, cheating, buxom)
-DECO (The Idolmaster - Ami, Iori, and Azusa x Producer, harem, lol*con)
-Sakura, Work Harder Even in Hentai (Street Fighter - Dan x Sakura, bloomers, schoolgirl) [Blmanian]
-Usa Nyan 3 (Original - trap x trap, crossdressing, bikini, trap-yaoi) [Ash Wing]
-Brown Lady Takes His First Time Ver. 3 (Original - MILF, dark skin, prostitution, straight-shota)
-Toaru Majutsu no Kyousei Jusei 1 (Toaru Majutsu no Index - Various, r*pe, lol*con)
-Seinen hana to ribon 57. 5 Paisukuru DxD (Highschool DxD - Asia, Koneko, and Rias, harem)
-Marigold (Food Wars and Nisekoi - Erina masturbating and Raku x Chitoge)
-Rui-Rui VS Black Cock (Gatchaman Crowds - Rui, crossdressing, trap-yaoi)
-Stance of The Wife (Freezing - busty wife x aging husband)
-Satori Satorare Suki Sukare (Zettai Junpaku Mahou Shoujo - magical girls)
-The Magical Girl and The Magical Potion (Zettai Junpaku Mahou Shoujo - magical girls)
-GALAXY (Color) (Asobi ni Iku yo - catgirl, tentacles)
-Part Kaijin Valkyria (Valkyria Chronicles - Alicia, gang-r*pe, netorare)
-CAN/DAY (Touhou - Marissa, lol*con)
-NEWS DAILY EXTRA (Color) (Touhou - Aya, straight-shota)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 10/08/14
Posted by: Harem Mask

9 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Be Careful About Greeting (tomboy wife, r*pe, netorare)
-Mirai Paradox (loli daughter from the future and glasses-clad stepsister)
-Happiness is a Meat Explosion! (bbw glasses-girl, bike shorts, big ass, absurdly large breasts)
-Bitch Summer Vacation (slutty girlfriend, bikini, ganguro girl, netorare)
-Dohougakai Zenpen (schoolgirls, gang-r*pe, violence)
-Delicious Syrupy Milk (minotaur-girls and elf x minotaur, lactation, breast expansion
-High Jump Love (petite track-star)
-HIDE AND PEEK (bikini, dark skin, tanlines)
-Unhappy Now Year (busty neighbor)

12 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Grimoire of the Divine Comedy - Pandra Second Saga Ch. 12 (gang-bang, mind-break, fucked-silly) [Erect Touch]
-Brandish Vol. 6 Ch. 42 (final battle with Demon King?! hardcore, fisting)
-I Want to Be Your Bride Even If I'm Your Sister! Ch. 3 (sister harem, orgy)
-My Mountain Village Journal Ch. 9 (village of absurdly busty MILFs)
-Highschool Girl's Hips Ch. 6 (cosplaying schoolgirl sisters)
-Bind Me, Love Me Ch. 1-2 (bondage-obsessed schoolgirl)
-King's App Ch. 1 (MILF, mind-control, mother x son, straight-shota)
-Kanojo de Ippai Ch. 3-4 (drunk female boss and cosplaying roommate, humorous)
-Stamen and Pistil and Fertilization Ch. 1 (bbw schoolgirl, blackmail, netorare)
-Momoiro Daydream Ch. 3 (petite store manager with terrifying glare)
-Oshikake Fiancée Ch. 1 (surprise fiancée!)
-Younger Girls! Celebration Ch. 1-3 (busty younger sister)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 10/06/14
Posted by: GC Midnight

For this week's Translations update, we have a Mahouka doujin from Komagata featuring Miyuki, C2Lemon from Blue Bean, a Kill la Kill doujin from ACTIVA, and a Sword Art doujin from Waffle Doumeiken featuring all the girls (except Suguha). We also have a Love Live! doujin from E-Ise, a Brynhildr in the Darkness doujin from Pan to Butterfly, Purple Haze's Rider CGset, and the next 4 chapters of LOVE&PEACH from Red-Rum.

And for the members, we have a Toaru Majutsu no Index doujin from SAZ, Book 5 of Diogenes Club's Shokukan Mankan Zenseki series based on Ikkitousen, a HappinessCharge Precure! doujin from Yamada Ichizoku, and an Attack on Titan doujin from Yorisuke. We also have Kansai Orange's Negative Love M featuring Manaka (the sequel to his previous Love Plus series featuring Nene), a KanColle doujin from Nakano Sora featuring Kongou and Haruna, Purple Haze's Fairy Tail CGset featuring Lucy, as well as the next 3 chapters of Shoujo Mysterica from Maruwa Tarou.
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
(Preview here)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 10/03/14
Posted by: Harem Mask

8 New H-Game CGsets:
-Grimoire no Shisho (Various fantasy girls, r*pe)
-Imouto Paradise 2 - Onii-chan's Daily Sex-Spree with 5 Younger-Sisters (harem of schoolgirl sisters, lol*con)
-Love Netori (MILF, cheating, netorare (netori), impregnation)
-The Rumors of the Schoolgirl R*pe Train (schoolgirls, r*pe, mind-break, fucked-silly)
-Painted in Ero-Juices! - Poolside Filled with Cum(swimsuit, gangbang, bukkake)
-Suddenly, I Can See The Lust In Their Eyes (No Text) (Witchcraft Works - catgirls, tentacles, bondage, weird) [Saberfish]
-Kimomen Teihen Shoku (fantasy girl harem, demon girls, tentacles, impregnation)
-Demon Master Chris (catgirls, tentacles, bondage, weird)

11 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Sister Crisis (Original - masturbating adoptive sister) [Bakuretsu Fuusen]
-Shokuyoku Zenkai! (Food Wars - Megumi, vegetable masturbation, r*pe fantasy)
-Ikumi-chan Niku Niku (Food Wars - Ikumi, dark skin, micro-bikini, stockings)
-KOWAREMONO (Original - buxom schoolgirl, father x daughter, r*pe)
-Lewd Wolf - Awakening (Touhou - Kagerou, wolf-girl, drugging, r*pe) [Tiramisu Tart]
-Amaotoshi (Touhou - Seija, bondage, femdom, footjob)
-Gekishin 2 (Attack on Titan - Levi x Mikasa, r*pe, bondage)
-Zoukan Seinen Sakura-san (Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun - Nozaki x Chiyo, innocent)
-AKATSUKI CLASS COLLECTION (Kantai Collection - Akatsuki and Hibiki, lol*con, threesome)
-Someday, The Elf-Boys Will Come to My House (Color) (Original - crossdressing elf-boys, trap-yaoi)
-Onmitsu Hittou to Icha Love Shitai (Dog Days - Cinque x Yukikaze, fox-girl)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)